I’m a co-founder and chief experience officer* of a great SaaS for SMB company, smith.ai, and live with my family on the SF Bay Area peninsula.

*A title that somehow rolls up being an ex-designer turned PM turned “operational glue.”

You can read my resume on Read.cv: https://read.cv/303

You can find me here:

I worked at Theranos so here’s my 15 minutes of fame


In my previous life, I was an electro & techno producer and have a lot of music still around. You can find it on the music places as Justin Maxwell, John Tejada & Justin Maxwell, Volsoc*, and others I can’t remember. I did some work on John Tejada & Reggie Watts’ first Wajatta album.

A few choice cuts:

*We took our Volsoc stuff off Spotify because Spotify was stealing from us.

This used to be a website with more words, thoughts, and a design portfolio, but like all designers I hit the point where I don’t care any more and don’t want to maintain it.

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